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PALA Ambassadors

Are you interested in making contact with other PALA members in your country or region? Can you help to spread the word about the benefits of PALA membership to your colleagues and postgraduate students? Would you like to organize or attend local PALA events? If so, consider becoming a PALA Ambassador. The aim of the PALA Ambassadors scheme is to encourage communication and interaction between PALA members on a local and/or regional level. There are many ways in which Ambassadors can facilitate the development of local PALA networks, from simply serving as a first contact point for news and events of PALA interest within a particular region, to organizing small-scale events (symposia, conferences, or purely social get-togethers). PALA student members are especially welcome to get involved. Interested PALA members should contact the publicity officer, Andrea Macrae.

The recently-launched PALA ambassadors scheme has already established the following network:

Region Name Email Address
Australia Dwi Noverini Djenar
China Zhao Kuiying
China (Hong Kong) Marjorie Ka-Yee Cheung & Peter Crisp;
Denmark Nina Nørgaard
Egypt Wesam Ibrahim
France Manuel Jobert
Germany and Switzerland Beatrix Busse
Iraq Mohammed Jasim Betti
Italy John Douthwaite;
Latin America Olivia Fialho
Malaysia Mazura Muhammad
Namibia Sarala Krishnamurthy
Netherlands Suzanne Fagel and Maarten van Leeuwen;
Portugal Alcina Sousa
Scotland Agnes Marsalek
Slovenia Simon Zupan & Tomaž Onič;
Spain Coral Calvo Maturana
Sweden Ulf Cronquist
UK (Midlands) Emma Moreton
UK (Yorkshire) Marjorie Ka-Yee Cheung
USA (Eastern) Jennifer Harding
USA (Western) Chantelle Warner
Venezuela Elida León