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How to submit information

PALA has three main modes of communicating with the membership: the website, the newsletter and the PALA-announce email list. If you are unsure which to use, contact the Publicity Officer. (See committee page for contact details.)

PALA website and email list

PALA aims to facilitate academic communication between its members. We are happy to help disseminate information about events and available jobs for PALA members via the website and email list. If you are not a member of PALA, please find out how to join!

If you want us to advertise an event or a job opportunity, then you need to supply us with a small amount of plain text giving the most basic information, plus a link to your webpage, where more information can be found. PALA cannot make a webpage for you. I'm afraid that if you send us a word processing document "to put on the website", or "send to the members", then we can't help.

Please note we cannot send out emails with attachments. We can send out a short text email, and if you want to share extended or multimedia information, include a link to where it can be found online.

If you want more information on acceptable content and formats for the PALA website, please contact webmaster at

Conferences and other events

Please write a short piece of prose which can be sent to the members and included as a news item on the website, including the following information:

We may need to edit the text to ensure that it is of a suitable format and length.


Please include a short, plain text description of the post, a link to further information, and a CLOSING DATE.


We are happy to collect information about new and current publications written by PALA members and include them in the newsletter, although we do not attempt to maintain a full PALA or stylistics bibliography. Please send in the relevant information in the following format:

Links to online resources

We do not currently maintain a set of links to stylistics or other resources. This can be problematic, as it is difficult to define what sorts of sites we want to link to, and they are difficult to keep up to date. Suggestions on how to do this are welcome!

Other news and information

Please feel free to send in any other news and information which you think may be of interest to PALA members to the newsletter editor, Beatrix Busse. (See committee page for contact details.)