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PALA Bursaries from the Roger Fowler Fund

PALA has a long tradition of supporting postgraduate students both by encouraging them in their work and, where possible, by providing them with financial support to attend PALA conferences. Bursaries are paid from the Roger Fowler Fund and in recent years the scope of the fund was extended to allow support for members of PALA who are unwaged or from developing countries.

Bursaries available in 2014

The deadline for applications is 23 February 2014.

Criteria for the Award of a Bursary

  1. Applicants must be:
    1. PALA members, and
    2. Students and/or unwaged and/or from developing countries;
    Only those applicants who fulfil both of these criteria will be considered for a bursary.
  2. Priority will be given to those applicants who have been accepted to present a paper at the conference in question.
  3. Among the student applicants, priority will be given to those who do not currently receive any form of funding for their studies.
  4. The primary criterion for the award of a bursary will be the academic quality of the application. In deciding this, the assessors will take into consideration the case for support from the candidate, the statement of support from the applicant's supervisor or referee and the extent to which the proposed paper fits the academic remit of PALA (see Guidance Notes below).

The Application Procedure

  1. Download a PALA Bursary Application Form from the PALA website ( The form is available here:

    Please contact webmaster at if you have any technical difficulties.

  2. Complete the form and pass on to your supervisor or referee.
  3. When your supervisor or referee has completed their reference, they should scan and send the form by email to the PALA Treasurer (the address is on the application form).

Guidance notes on filling in the form

All forms should be word-processed or filled in by hand using BLOCK CAPITALS. We cannot process hand-written forms which we cannot read. Sections 3 and 4 should not exceed the word limits indicated on the form. The completed form should not exceed two sides of A4. The form needs to be signed by the supervisor, then scanned and send to the PALA Treasurer at the address below.

Case for support

This section of the form is for you to outline the paper that you will be presenting, and to comment on its relevance to the academic remit of PALA. You might also comment on how your paper fits within the wider programme of research that you are engaged in, how it fits within the theme of the conference, and the importance of presenting this particular work at a PALA conference.

Statement of support from supervisor or referee

This section of the form should be completed either by your supervisor (if you are a postgraduate student) or by an academic referee if you are not a postgraduate. The statement of support should provide an assessment of the quality of the applicant's research, their suitability for the award of a bursary and how they will benefit from attendance at the conference.


Assessment of bursary applications will be made by the PALA Secretary and Treasurer. Successful applicants will be informed as soon as possible, and in advance of the conference.