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PALA Occasional Papers

Between 1988 and 2002 PALA published occasional papers by PALA members. The series was edited by Urszula Clark. The papers are available via the links below as PDF documents.


  1. Jose-Luis Martinez-Duenas, 'A critical approach to linguistic categories and "literary discourse": Iris Murdoch's The Book and the Brotherhood' (1988).
  2. Naguib Lahlou, 'The poetics of titles: further discriminations' (1989).
  3. Tatyana Karpenko, 'Pragmatic aspects of literary communication' (1993).
  4. Laura Hidalgo Downing, 'Foregrounding of structural patterns and mind-style in two literary texts' (1994).
  5. Mick Short, ' Stylistics "upside down": using stylistic analysis in the teaching of language and literature' (1994).
  6. Sonia Zyngier, 'Literature in the EFL classroom: making a comeback' (1994).
  7. Clara Calvo, 'Why they were in the Gulf: a discourse-stylistics analysis of Bush's Newsweek letter' (1994).
  8. Tony Bex, 'How much language? How much culture?' (1994).
  9. Xiaoling Zhang, 'Echoing in real-life English conversation' (1998).
  10. Ellen Aspeslagh, 'Language as ideology: transitivity and ergativity in the female voices of Virginia Woolf's The Waves' (1999).
  11. Rosa Morillas Sánchez, 'Imaginative use of the metaphorical concept "life is a journey" in Dobyns' Body Traffic: the creation of the novel imaginative metaphor "the body is a vehicle"' (1999).
  12. Leslie Jeffries, 'Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater: in defence of theoretical eclecticism in Stylistics' (2000).
  13. Greg Watson, 'Violent and racist undertones in early Australian children's literature: "the proof's in the puddin"' (2002).