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Corpus Linguistics and Literature

Participants are invited to register for the pre-conference colloquium Corpus Linguistics and Literature as part of the Corpus Linguistics 2009 conference at the University of Liverpool (register at the conference website:

Workshop organizers: Bettina Fischer-Starcke (Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration) and Martin Wynne (Oxford Text Archive, University of Oxford).

Date of the colloquium: 20 July 2009
Dates of the main conference: 21 to 23 July 2009

Eight papers will be presented in the colloquium. The presentations will demonstrate that it is increasingly becoming possible to test empirically claims about the language of literature, to search for and provide evidence from texts, and to establish the norms of literary and non-literary style.

This paper will make a contribution to understanding the discourse of reading groups, shining light on the kind of argumentation used in evaluation and interpretation of novels read in a variety of groups, examining patterns of co-occurrence between lexico-grammatical collocation and discoursal function in argumentation. Such patterns of co-occurrence illuminate relationships between time, space and experience for reading group members.

  • Carmen Aguilera Carnerero & Encarni Hidalgo Tenorio (University of Granada), Shakespeare’s linguistic subversion: a corpus-based study of modality and transitivity in Hamlet

    An analysis of modality can be relevant to understand characterisation in theatre, and debunk some traditionally accepted depictions of such a fictional creature like Hamlet. This is our starting point for the project we present here, in which by means of a corpus-based approach we will scrutinise how ideology, power and status are represented in this Shakespearian masterpiece. We strongly believe corpus-based studies shed light on canonical assumptions and help to refute most of them.

  • Martin Wynne (University of Oxford), Corpus stylistics: a survey of methods and resources

    This presentation will introduce various methods relating to corpus stylistics, briefly reviewing what methods of analysis in corpus linguistics are likely to help to shed light on the language of literature. There will also be some consideration of the resources available, and a discussion of some of the barriers. In each case the methods will be introduced with a discussion of the types of research question that it may be useful to address, with an example, and there will be a consideration of the requirements in terms of resources, tools and expertise.

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