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Resources available online from PALA


The proceedings of PALA conferences are now published online, freely available to all. PALA is confident that this will greatly enhance the sharing of ideas and research outputs among members, and more widely in the academic community. If you are presenting a paper at a PALA conference, you can see the guidelines for the submission of papers here .

The proceedings of the PALA 2007 conference are now available at here.

The proceedings from the 19th PALA annual conference, which was held in Potchefstroom in South Africa 1999, are available online. Click here to view the papers.

Style in Fiction Symposium 2006

In 2005 PALA celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary, and members voted for the most influential work in Stylistics in the past 25 years. The clear winner was Style in Fiction by Geoffrey Leech and Mick Short. A symposium was held in February 2006 to make the award of the PALA 25 prize, and to celebrate twenty-five years of stylistics. Videos of the presentations are available online at the symposium website. PALA members can log on with the same username and password that they used for the PALA website in 2007.

Special Interest Groups

PALA is the home for two Special Interest Groups (SIGs). These are informal networks for groups of PALA members who wish to pursue research together in a particular topic . The PALA Committee is keen to promote and support the creation and ongoing activities of SIGs. PALA members are welcome to use these webpages as a forum for their activities. If you are already running a SIG, are planning to start one, or if you want to find out if anyone is interested in a particular topic, then please email webmaster at with your news and it can be posted here. Currently active Special Interest Groups:

Language and Style course

Ling 131 Language & Style is a Stylistics course within the Department of Linguistics and English Language (LAEL) at Lancaster University. This course was presented to PALA to be made freely available online to all PALA members by Mick Short in 2006. The course can be accessed online at

Occasional Papers

Between 1988 and 2002 PALA published thirteen occasional papers by PALA members. The series was edited by Urszula Clark. Access all the papers online here.

Stylistics Bibliography of the Twentieth Century

The PALA Stylistics Bibliography covers works published in the field of stylistics in the 1990s. The original edition covered 1990-8, and an update covering 1998-1999. Here is the full list of bibliography files now available: